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Using Markets to build Your Essential Oil Business

Behind Daniella Brause's darling market set-up is a smart strategy for meeting new contacts and turning them into customers. She has some great ideas to share in using markets (farmer's markets, holiday events, or expos) to build your business.

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Halloween too Spooky?

Let your little one know that nothing spooky is coming near with a few sprays of this magic potion! Use 5-10 drops of any oils your child likes and help them spray the bed or closet if they are nervous at bedtime. Works like a charm. 

Labels from this project are available here

Our favorite 4 oz. fine mist bottle is right here

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DIFFUSE IT: Mood Menders

Nodding off halfway through work? Stressed by the school carpool line? Struggling to stay focused on a boring-but-important task? Instead of reaching for a caffeinated drink, try the mood-mending power of essential oils. These diffuser recipes are quicker (and less expensive) than a trip to Starbucks!

Try any of the following in a diffuser:
p.s. diffusers we love:
Mirage (8 hour run-time)
Spa Vapor (directional mist!)

Mini (can run on batteries!)

 Fatigue Fighter

This rejuvenating blend helps boost energy levels at any time of day. Pair it with a high-protein snack (like string cheese or a handful of almonds) for a powerful midday pick-me-up.

2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Wild Orange
2 drops Lemon
1 drops Basil


Stress Tamer

When tension mounts, restore a sense of calm and well-being with this soothing blend.

 2 drops Lavender
1 drops Roman Chamomile
1 drops Ylang Ylang
4 drops Geranium


Focus Booster

Whether you’re balancing the family budget, cramming for a test, or finishing a fat classic novel for book club, sometimes it’s hard to keep your attention where you need it. Put on some upbeat music and take a deep breath of this clarity-boosting blend.

16 drops Peppermint
8 drops Rosemary
8 drops Frankincense
4 drops Geranium


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FREE Printable Oil Inventory Sheet

Sometimes it's hard to remember what oils we need to order, and then suddenly,
tragically you run out of something essential – like lavender.

Enter this free, printable inventory sheet. You can go through all of your oil stashes, mark what you have, then keep this list on hand for ordering. I especially love this when there's a great promotion and I want to stock up on anything I might be low on. 

Just click on the image below and drag it to your desktop, then open it and print.



p.s you can find the spray top to fit your essential oil bottles here



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The essential oil blend I have been using all winter

My two year old's ears have been a source of discomfort this winter. I got in the habit of keeping this blend made up and carrying it around with me, and just rolling it behind his ears a few times a day when he's pulling at them, or if he had a runny nose. We had a few absolutely terrible nights AND a trip to instacare (they didn't find anything) so getting in the habit of soothing his ears became pretty important. 

And because I had this blend with me 24/7 I started using it for other things. Bumps and bruises, chappy skin, tension (apply to the temples and back of the neck), feeling a little anxious, feeling my own ears start to get uncomfortable, scratchy throat, and so on.

And it works really well! I've come to think of it as an essential all-purpose blend that I consider a must have. The other thing to note is that I mixed this up for a little one, so I've used a fairly low amount of essential oil to FCO, and the results are still awesome. 

RECIPE for Little Ears Blends 
a great all-purpose blend for winterBlended for a small child, add more essential oil if you prefer a stronger mix
5 drops each:
lavender, basil, and melaleuca essential oil
top the bottle with FCO (fractionated coconut oil), or a carrier oil of your choice

*designed for use with the BEST essential oils*

Roller bottles here
FCO stickers here
Little Ears Label from this set
Oil stickers here


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