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Organize your essential oils with this inventory list

Sometimes it's hard to remember what oils we need to order, and then suddenly, 
tragically you run out of something essential – like lavender. 

Enter this free, printable inventory sheet. You can go through all of your oil stashes, mark what you have, then keep this list on hand for ordering. I especially love this when there's a great promotion and I want to stock up on anything I might be low on. 

Download the sheet here (personal use only please)



p.s you can find the spray top to fit your essential oil bottles here

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Essential Oils for Sleep Support

Some of my favorite Essential Oils for better rest are:

Orange (yes! happy sleep = good sleep)
Juniper Berry (supports sweet dreams and seems to help keep the bad ones away)
Lavender (it's so calming...zzzz)
Roman Chamomile

Commercially available blends: Serenity, Balance, Peace

Here are several recipe ideas for making sleep sprays. My children love the spray format because it's easy for them to apply the spray to their pillow and stuffed animals. They also like to use the spray under the bed if they are a bit nervous. BONUS: creepy creatures are completely repelled by essential oils.

Essential Oil amounts are for a 1oz. Misting Bottle.

I like to label my bottles with cap stickers, so I know which oils are included. Our shop also offers this sleepy time label set to inspire your creations.

You can easily double these amounts for a stronger aroma or larger bottle. To make, fill a misting bottle 3/4 of the way full with distilled or very clean water, then add the essential oils. Attach the misting top, shake and spray. Add labels.

Sleep Blend One

2 drops Lavender • 2 drops Orange

Sleep Blend Two

2 drops Lavender • 2 drops Orange • 2 drops Juniper Berry

Sleep Blend Three

2 drops Lavender • 2 drops Roman Chamomile • 2 drops Marjoram

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Making Your Own Dry Shampoo

I need to start this post by saying that I'm not a hair professional. I have adapted this recipe for my own use and I love it. Your results and needs may vary.

First, what is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a hair product that soaks up grease and allows you to go longer between regular soap and water shampooing. There are different kinds of dry shampoo, including aerosols and powders. You apply the product at the roots and brush through your hair until you have absorbed the greasy look in your hair.

Isn't it gross to skip shampoos? 

This DIY recipe will have your hair smelling great and the essential oils will provide benefits to your scalp. Many people agree it's better for your hair to wash it less, and over time you'll notice that oil production will balance out, and your hair will be less oily than when you washed all the time. 

Can't I buy dry shampoo at the store?

Yes, dry shampoo is commercially available. Most are full of harmful ingredients though. I have really liked this method for my hair, and I find the shaker jar to be the best applicator.


You will need a shaker jar, like this one, found here

For Dark Hair

1/3 Cup Arrowroot Powder
2 Tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder
2 drops each: rosemary, melaleuca, and peppermint essential oils (or oils you prefer for a roma)


For Medium Hair

1/3 Cup  + 1 Tablespoon Arrowroot Powder
1 Tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder
2 drops each: rosemary, melaleuca, and peppermint essential oils (or oils you prefer for a roma)


For Light Hair

1/2 Cup Arrowroot Powder
2 drops each: rosemary, melaleuca, and peppermint essential oils (or oils you prefer for a roma)

To Make: Mix a few tablespoons of the arrowroot with the essential oils. It's easier to mix a small amount well, then combine the full amount. Add the rest of the arrowroot and cocoa powder. mix well and push through a fine sieve to break up any clumps. Stir again, then pour into the jar. Add the shaker top and lid.

To Use: Shake a small amount of powder onto the part in your hair (or other noticeably oily areas). Brush, or massage into scalp. Add more powder if needed, building until oil is absorbed. Repeat as needed during the day for as many days as you can manage to go between shampoos. Try applying the powder at bedtime to wake up less oily.



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Essential Oils for Men

I am thrilled to tell you that our most requested restock is here!

To purchase this Limited Edition Kit, click here.

This DIY gift set was wildly popular because it makes DIY simple, the products are SO good, and it's a beautiful gift.

Here are the details:

Get into the DIY spirit with this super simple kit. You'll learn to make salve and four other personal care items. 

You provide carrier oil, witch hazel, basic kitchen equipment and essential oils (EO).

What essential oils do you need? Some suggested oils include cedarwood, a balancing blend, juniper berry, frankincense, lavender, vetiver, rosemary, and sandalwood. The recipes include a list of suggested oils, not just specific oils, so ideally you can work with the oils in your collection.

 Kit includes the makings of:

• All purpose salve (tin, beeswax and cocoa butter, label)  
• Muscle rub (roller bottle and label) 
• Cologne (10ml roller bottle and label)
• After shave mist (1 oz. misting bottle and label)
• Beard oil (1 oz. pump bottle and label)

Also includes: 
Cloth storage bag 
Recipe card with full instructions


Thanks for reading!




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Using Markets to build Your Essential Oil Business

Behind Daniella Brause's darling market set-up is a smart strategy for meeting new contacts and turning them into customers. She has some great ideas to share in using markets (farmer's markets, holiday events, or expos) to build your business.

(click below to read the article)

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