The essential oil blend I have been using all winter

The essential oil blend I have been using all winter

My two year old's ears have been a source of discomfort this winter. I got in the habit of keeping this blend made up and carrying it around with me, and just rolling it behind his ears a few times a day when he's pulling at them, or if he had a runny nose. We had a few absolutely terrible nights AND a trip to instacare (they didn't find anything) so getting in the habit of soothing his ears became pretty important. 

And because I had this blend with me 24/7 I started using it for other things. Bumps and bruises, chappy skin, tension (apply to the temples and back of the neck), feeling a little anxious, feeling my own ears start to get uncomfortable, scratchy throat, and so on.

And it works really well! I've come to think of it as an essential all-purpose blend that I consider a must have. The other thing to note is that I mixed this up for a little one, so I've used a fairly low amount of essential oil to FCO, and the results are still awesome. 

RECIPE for Little Ears Blends 
a great all-purpose blend for winterBlended for a small child, add more essential oil if you prefer a stronger mix
5 drops each:
lavender, basil, and melaleuca essential oil
top the bottle with FCO (fractionated coconut oil), or a carrier oil of your choice

*designed for use with the BEST essential oils*

Roller bottles here
FCO stickers here
Little Ears Label from this set
Oil stickers here


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