Customer Reviews




"The beginners handout and tearpads are the greatest! Everyone loves them. The beginner booklet really brings down the massive amounts of information about essential oils and makes it user friendly so anyone can get up to speed on how to use them. Keep rolling out great products. ShareOils has risen the bar of professionalism for materials related to essential oils."

Melissa K. - Ohio

 "THANK YOU for creating the perfect business tools for me!! I am a new IPC business builder and I LOVE your Beginner's Guide and all of your tear pad sheets (I hope you create more)!! As a photographer, I appreciate the beautiful design as much as I do the thorough content...perfect! I have spent time studying all of the tools available from other companies and yours are the best! Working on my first order!! Thanks again!!"

T Rene B. - Kentucky

"We love the clean, crisp, scientific look of all the ShareOils tools. They offer the credible representation of essential oil use that we are looking for. Aaron and I love the photography, layout and flow of all of the tear pads. We especially like the Using Essential Oils: A Beginners Guide. It is easy to use and provides a great tool for new essential oil users. We give this guide to every new enrollee and serious prospect."
Tonya M. - Tennessee

"I love your tear sheets for teaching about oils. I've ordered from other places and love your info sheets so much more."
Cara F.

"I bought the small booklets in bulk at convention. So affordable. This is my GO TO hand out these days. Thanks!"
Denise M.

"I love the ShareOils booklet, very concise useful info. I love having the booklets to hand out with samples. It is a great tool."
Amber E. - California

"I totally LOVE your book! It's my favorite thing to give new IPC's."
Elaine S. - Utah

"I love your booklet and have been giving them with every holiday gift, offering, and sample of oils. Thank you for putting together such a fabulous tool for us!"

Tamara G.

"And your turn around time with orders is AWESOME! I placed an order after noon yesterday and had them in my hand before noon today. I love your brochure. THANKS!"

Elaine S. - Utah

"I love the booklet! Well worth the $1.24 to purchase and cheaper than the A-Z guide with a lot more information. It answers questions for you so you can handle the stuff you are expert in. No samples should be given out without one. I love this tool!!"

Chrystal K. - Utah 

"Shared these in Colorado Springs tonight. People loved them!!"

Tahna L. - Colorado 

"I love your new business tool! I think it will really help the people I share with. I especially love the recipes in there! It is beautiful artwork and done very nicely! I will be sure to buy many more!"

Rachel J. - Utah 

"It is wonderful! My whole team is so excited about them!"

Laura F. - California

"I share the oils and it's a great way to show the products in a compact form that I can fit in my purse!"

Sharlene H. - Idaho 

"I just got mine yesterday! And I am using them to share with others and as new enrollment incentives."

Kristy S. - Idaho 

"Love love your new book....Thank you for making it!"
Teresa F. - Illinois 

"THESE ARE THE BOMB!!!! I just got a bunch and they are by far my favorite little booklet reference guide on doTERRA's oils...pic's are great and it's easy to read. They are small and easy to carry around a stack if you want to share them with others. Yay!" 
Betsy H. - Ohio

"We are enjoying the booklets immensely. Love the fast service."
Sandra B. - Wyoming