UPCYCLING – Reusing Empty Essential Oil Bottles

UPCYCLING – Reusing Empty Essential Oil Bottles

Do you want to cry a little bit when you use that last drop of Frankincense? Did you know that 'empty' bottle can have an entire second life?

Here are my favorite ways to keep the good times rolling!

1. Add a misting top! This is so easy. I just remove the orifice reducer and fill the empty bottle with water. Then add a misting top. The amount of aroma that remains in the empty bottle is amazing. You'll feel like you got a second bottle of oil for FREE.

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You can take this up a notch by removing the existing label and adding one of our oil-proof, smear-proof, amazing labels. For example, I made this Minty Cooling Mist from an empty Peppermint. It's a lifesaver on a hot day or when you need an energy boost.

TIP: the best way I have found to remove an existing label is to soak the bottle (keep the lid on if you want to retain the oil inside) in hot water for a few minutes. Peel the label off, then remove any sticky residue with Lemon essential oil, of course.

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Pre-mixed Diffuser Blends

I have a very consistent bedtime diffuser routine. I fill all the bedroom diffusers with sleepy blends and it can take some time to carry the oils around and count all the drops, etc. I have simplified this by premixing our nighttime blends into empty 15ml bottles and adding a dropper top. I keep one in each bedroom and then just simply add a dropperful to each diffuser at bedtime. No more opening multiple bottles and counting. It's fast, easy and so simple I rarely skip diffusing on those nights when it's been a really long day.

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Removing the Orifice Reducer

It's really worth $4.99 to an oil key for removing orifice reducer and save your fingernails! Another easy way to get the reducer out is to use the bottles own lid and rock it against the reducer. It should pop right out.

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Bath Salts

One last idea is making aromatic bath salts. Get a large jar, at least 1 quart in size and add at least one empty bottle of an oil you would enjoy bathing with. I do not recommend citrus oils, spicy oils (cinnamon, cassia), lemongrass, or mint oils. Those are preferences but the hot bath water can make skin more sensitive and those oils will be very uncomfortable for most people. 

Fill you large jar with Epsom salts (or sherpa salts, etc.) Open your essential oil bottle and remove the reducer, then put the bottle in the salt. the salt will draw out ALL the aroma. Close the lid on your large jar and use 1-2 cups per bath.

Hope you enjoy these ideas!

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