Back to School- Study Area

By now, almost everyone has started their first week of school, or have been through a week or two already. The kid's excitement is almost contagious! I think a great way to keep that excitement going for the little ones all year long is to help them create their own study space- with the help of essential oils of course.

Mark the spot.

Though an out-of-the-way bedroom may seem like the perfect study spot, sometimes a more centrally located area lets us keep an eye on the kiddos to make sure some homework is getting done. Kitchens or living rooms might seem like a good idea, but I've found they can just be too distracting.  If you have a seldom-used formal dining room, a decent-sized mudroom, or even a sizable stair landing, try setting up there instead. When you pick a place, make sure it's a moderate temperature- a too-warm room can easily turn homework time into an unplanned nap time.

Furnish a foundation.

Comfortable, appropriately-sized tables and chairs can really add a lot to your space. Put some though into it; a lightly padded chair is perfect for long reading assignments, while a clear table is invaluable for math assignments or sprawling science projects. To help your child be excited for the study space, encourage them to help you pick out the perfect seating. Working in a limited area? Consider a portable work surface like the Go-Cart table from CB2.

Shed some light.

We all respond better when we have more light, it's part of being human! Make sure wherever you (or they) choose for the study space, that it can be well-lit. A warm overhead fixture can provide general lighting, and a small task lamp can brighten the study area without harsh (and distracting) glare. The RIGGAD lamp from IKEA doubles as a phone charger, too--great for staying energized for study breaks.

Break the silence.

Is silence truly golden? Well, if you are like me, you know that's when you can't hear the littles, it means trouble! So, a little bit of noise is always a good thing. The principle is the same with studying! Multiple studies have shown that music helps improve focus and retention. Do watch out though for other noise sources, especially TVs in the same or adjacent room. According to psychological researchers, they break concentration more effectively than any other distraction. Switch them off or ask watchers to keep the volume to a minimum.

Breathe deeply.

Now my favorite part! Essential oils can be so powerful with children, and can be such a help during study time. There are two ways I have found that are especially effective: diffusing, and their own special roller blend. 

I have found that diffusing essential oils for an aromatic boost during homework time helps my littles' mood and focus. Here are a few of my favorite oils to diffuse:


  • Orange boosts energy and is a great revitalizer at the end of a long day.
  • Peppermint clears the mind from unwanted distractions.
  • Rosemary helps sharpen mental focus and memory retention.
  • Lavender soothes anxiety and is great for unwinding at the end of a pre-test study session.


    Now, my secret weapon- the mini- roller! First off, I love the little ones because they are only 2 mL. Kids just tend to like things there size (isn't it adorable?!) and so these mini rollers are perfect!


    I did a little demo for you so you could just see the cuteness. 

    The pictured mini-roller is a recipe I came up with on the spot- one drop lavender, one drop peppermint, and the rest is FCO! I wanted a blend that would calm and focus my little one, and it's perfect. I also love labeling the side of the bottle so I can remember which oils I used in which blend.


    If you want (or know of someone else who might want) more Essential Oil recipes for kids, my Essential Oils for Happy, Healthy Kids tear pad has a recipe section. It has solutions for various situations I have run into as a mom: tummy aches, general aches and pains, even having your kid be a little more wired than usual that day. Oils can help promote concentration, retention of information, and a positive mental state, all without the side effects of stimulants like caffeine or ADD medications, so they are a smart way to help your kids.

    Do you need an idea for your next class?

    Get a 5-pack of these 2-mL stainless steel ball mini-rollers for only $8.50, and a Essential Oils for Happy, Health Kids tear pad for $9.95, and you are on your way to helping others discover the benefits of using Essential Oils. You can help them come up with their own recipe, or you could do this recipe from our tear pad.


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