Using Essential Oils A Beginner's Guide


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Your guide to getting started with essential oils while being safe, cost effective, and smart. This best selling booklet makes using essential oils a natural part of your every day routines, from waking up refreshed, calming stresses, staying focused, boosting your immune system, and more.

Packed with essential information including:

  • Tips for 50+ health concerns
  • Detailed information and uses for 36 single oils
  • List of 11 blends
  • Immune boosting tips
  • Sample daily routine adding oils to your activities
  • Instructions for using essential oils aromatically, topically, and internally
  • Safety and usage tips
  • Info about oil quality

The PERFECT addition to welcome packets. 

  • This booklet is designed to be evergreen, meaning it won't expire or be outdated. As a 'beginner's guide' we feature oils most appealing to new users without creating overwhelm
  • 5x6” (24 pages)
  • Printed in the USA on USA made paper with 10% recycled waste
  • exclusive product

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This booklet does not contain drug claims or attempt to replace medical treatment with essential oils.

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