ShareOils Gift Card



PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS for delivery. YOU deliver your gift card codes to recipients :)

Gift card is delivered through email within 24 hours and contains instructions to redeem at checkout.

  • Never expires
  • No processing fees
  • Code is emailed you, not your desired recipient! You deliver it to them by forwarding the email or sending them the code.
How to buy gift cards from
  1. Select the gift card amount in the pull down. Please note that if you want two $10 gift cards, you need to add them to the card separately instead of purchasing one $20 gift card. Each card amount should be added individually.
  2. Complete checkout being sure that the email you provide is the one you check and use.
  3. The gift card codes will email to you in the requested amounts. If you buy ten cards, you will be emailed ten codes in ten different emails. You will also get a confirmation email, that's your receipt.
I have my code, now what do I do?
You can simply forward the email with the gift card code to your desired recipient. OR Send them a new email and copy and paste the code into it. OR text the code. OR send a card via snail mail with code written inside.

There's no wrong way to deliver the perfect gift. 🎁 
A ShareOils gift card is the perfect was to congratulate a team member or send a special gift.
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