Roller Inserts for 15ml or 5ml bottles (5 PACK)

$2.99 $3.99

Turn your 15 or 5ml essential oil bottle into a roller bottle! Works on most oil bottles from different brands.

    Sold in a package of 5

    Includes 5 lids and 5 roller fitments. Stainless steel roller ball.

    We've designed these roller balls to fit snugly to prevent leaking. If you are not getting oil out when you roll, try pushing the roller into the bottle and roll harder—I like to do this on a table covered with a dishcloth. Push down and roll away from you. This will relax the ball into it's proper spot and allow more oil to roll out :)

    These inserts are a great way to reuse empty essential oil bottles or turn your favorite essential oil into a roller instantly.

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