DIY Natural EO Bug Spray

DIY Natural EO Bug Spray


Bugs. We don't want them around us, and we especially don't want those painful bites and stings. Ouch!

There are a lot of reasons to avoid commercial, chemical bug spray. Some people can have a DEET sensitivity, have a child that's younger than 6 mo old, or just want to use a plant-based option. So to help you out, we thought we could share a recipe for our DIY Bug Spray.

DIY Natural Bug Spray

For a 1 oz bottle, you will need about 10 drops of essential oil. 

Try any combination of these bug-repelling oils, or your favorite repellant blend:






Mix in a 1 oz spray bottle, top with water and use! Shake well before each use, and avoid spraying into your eyes. 

Want to have this as an activity at your next class? Get our 1 oz Misting Bottle 2-pack for $2.75 as the perfect dispenser for your oils. Want to add a little bit of decoration? Get our Cap Stickers (259)  to label the bottles so your students can remember which oils were used. This would be the perfect summer item to give to a friend, or to keep for yourself!

You can also add a misting top to an empty 15ml bottle for a quick way to epicycle your used bottles.

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