Earn with Essential Oils Tear Pad


Diamond approved! We developed this sheet with input from diamond leaders. A simple approach to explaining how to generate income with your essential oil business. Use this sheet as a class outline or a handout.

"I love this tear pad! I always feel like I stumble through the business overview portion of my classes, and this makes it so much easier!" -Melanie R.

This sheet covers:
  • A brief explanation of the LRP program and benefits
  • Overview of Fast Start Bonus, Power of 3, Unilevel, Retail Profits and the Leadership Bonus Pools
  • A chart showing Wellness Advocates 2014 average earnings by rank
  • A FREE download for a contact tracking sheet
  • Sharing step by step: a six step process to show how you go from sharing a sample to enrolling
  • Glossary of essential business terms 
  • Space to add notes and your contact information
  • 50 sheets per pad
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