100% Wool Dryer Balls (3 PACK)

$19.00 $24.95

NEW! Rainbow dryer balls! Note: colors randomly selected for you. 

Handmade with 100% wool from the USA.

Dryer balls are a safe, chemical free alternative to dryer sheets.

HOW TO USE: Add all three balls to your dryer with each cycle to speed drying and reduce static build up. Add essential oils for added benefits and a light natural fragrance.

About the rainbow colors! The dyes used to create the beautiful colors on these balls comply with the Organic Trade Association's criteria for organic processing. They are free of heavy metals in all phases of production so they are environmentally friendly and won't expose you to metals in use. Our supplier shared the dye company, which is www.greenershades.com —so if you'd like to do further research that is the source for you :)


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