Clear Plastic Jar 8 oz.

These 8 oz. jars are perfect for holding scrubs or bath salts and make a lovely gift. The clear plastic let's the content shine through (especially pretty with himalayan salt and a few rose petals!) We love these because they won't break in slippery situations like your shower and the wide opening is great for scooping from. Refill over and over with your favorite scrub.
What about EOs and plastic? Heavy duty PET plastic is suitable for essential oils when used sparingly. You may choose to avoid using citrus oils in plastic as it is the most likely to break down any plastic. PET or polyethylene terephthalate is a kind of plastic with a different chemical makeup than HDPE that keeps the fragrances and essential oils from absorbing chemicals from the plastic.
Made with PET Heavy Wall Plastic Jar with Black Lid. 
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