Essential Emotions: Your Guide to Process, Release, and Live Free

  • New 2020 & LTO oils added!
    • Bergamot Mint
    • Davana
    • Tulsi
    • Laurel Leaf
    • Citrus Bloom
    • Harvest Spice
    • Island Mint
    • Niaouli
  • New call outs:
    • Clementine 
    • Yellow Mandarin

Updated with new oils and blends, a body guide to connect emotions to physical issues, and an emotions guide with processing questions.

Essential oils are widely used for physical health but not as often for emotional healing. Essential Emotions bridges this gap as a user-friendly guide for helping you taking charge of your emotional health. First, the guide describes the innate emotional properties of common oils and blends. Then, a reference chart and comprehensive index help you choose oils and blends for a wide variety of emotional states.


Publication: 2020, 9th edition 

Pages: 283

Binding: Softcover with coil.

Dimensions: 6" wide x 8½" tall x ½" deep.

Customers love this guide!

I love Essential Emotions because emotions are the root of everything! I have seen more healing when people are willing to address their emotions than in any other modality in my business! It’s my favorite class and people ALWAYS feel empowered when they leave. They feel like they are not alone, they are not crazy and their emotions have value. They feel validated and heard! It gives me goosebumps every time! We are spiritual beings having a human experience and when using oils for emotional purposes the healing has an eternal impact!
-Geri Walker Chandler
doTERRA Diamond
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