Trade Bead Strand


You will receive one strand of beads. Each strand is approx 29" long. Beads range from 1/3" to 3/4" long. All are gorgeous, fun, and unique. Each strand has approx 58 beads.

Amazing, rare find, absolutely radiating good energy.

Beads gathered from various West African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory Coasts. Each strand includes a mix of beads both made in Europe for African trade as well as indigenously produced powder glass beads. Look carefully and you may see various colors of Czech prossers, Nigerian Olombo beads, Venetian cane beads, Padre beads, Russian Blue beads, Old Sandcast beads, and much more. Strands may also include recycled glass beads and Krobo beads patterned after classical trade bead designs. A number of strands are shown to illustrate the variation of the beads however each strand is sold individually. Each strand is a little different however you will receive a representative strand with each purchase. Due to the age of these beads, some beads may be chipped. Great as a collectible, adding to pieces, or just to wear!

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