Triangle Necklace by LAVA Essentials - NEW Design

$29.99 $39.00

20" chain. Lava triangle, approx. 20mm

PLEASE NOTE: this is an update style on the smaller triangle necklace. This necklace feature a larger triangle and longer chain.

Handcrafted, made in the USA. Lava is sourced from US (not HI), Europe and East Asia

The original minimalist lava triangle now has a big sister! This is the perfect diffuser necklace. Versatile and simple design, featuring a carefully selected lava triangle stone and high quality hypoallergenic chain.

Essential Oil Application: Our larger lava triangle features a slightly more polished surface. Allowing the oils to soak in to the porous stone will reap the subtle aromatherapy most desire.
Lava beads include naturally-formed voids and irregular surfaces. Each triangle is hand carved, making each bead unique. 

About Gold Filled (and why we love it!): Gold filled is completely different than Gold Plated and consists of 100% more gold. Gold Filled is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal. Gold filled is considered hypoallergenic, and when worn and stored properly will not tarnish. To care for your chain, please keep clean of any oils or chemicals.

More about LAVA Essentials on instagram @lavaessentials

Necklace designed by Lava Essentials. Photos by Lava Essentials. As a business owner I am so grateful to partner with this amazing company to bring you products we love and trust. Thanks for supporting both of our shops! More about Lava Essential here

HOW TO DIFFUSE: With a q-tip or your finger, rub your favorite pure essential oil in to your lava beads before putting on your jewelry. Allow them to dry and let the oils soak in for a few minutes. The longer you allow the oils to absorb, the longer your scent may last. Please note we use natural lava beads, and they will not absorb oils instantly like felt or fabric, but with just a little bit of patience you will get the unique luxury of using a part of nature in a versatile way, also allowing you to reap the benefits of lava stones. How cool is that?!

ABOUT LAVA: Lava is a stone of protection, strength, and fertility. Providing stability in times of change. It often helps to dissipate anger and provide guidance and understanding. Lava is a very grounding stone. Each one completely unique - no two are alike.

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