Using Markets to build Your Essential Oil Business

Using Markets to build Your Essential Oil Business

Behind Daniella Brause's darling market set-up is a smart strategy for meeting new contacts and turning them into customers. She has some great ideas to share in using markets (farmer's markets, holiday events, or expos) to build your business.

Events and Ohana: Daniella’s Guide to Growing Your Business

by Daniella Brause

My doTERRA story

My essential oil journey began when my family moved to Kauai, Hawaii. I wanted a natural way to repel bugs and calm emotions, but I wanted it to be safe for our home and for our then one-year-old. Then a friend of mine offered a solution—she told me about the huge success of Terrashield, a natural insect repellent, and lavender oil, used for calming. I was so intrigued by these tiny drops of powerful support! I started educating myself and soon jumped headfirst into using these products to save money and pay for my monthly order. Easy!

About a year later, I stared sharing doTERRA products with my friends. The beginning was a slow start as my family was still adjusting to our new home, new friends, and second baby, but I felt the fire for doTERRA’s oils and supplements. I trust the products; they work, and I’ve learned so much from this journey. Sharing essential oils has become my dream job! I help the people I love by sharing with them a better way to support their health. I’ve also grown as a person inside and out as I’ve expanded my business just by doing what I love. I now have a team of over 2,000 and growing every day. Seeing their success nearly brings me to tears. 

My favorite part is the community, Learning and growing with all of the my customers and the gorgeous souls who also decide to share doTERRA and build a business with me using plants for our health. Helping our worlds big and small with each drop we use or share.


What I love about ShareOils

ShareOils had me from the start with its clean site design and clear product listings. And I loved the humor! The booklets quickly became my favorite thing to give out with oil samples, and I also give them to all my new WAs to have as on-the-go references.

The label sets are unique, both functional and witty—they often get a giggle and always get a compliment. Add the cap stickers to the side of the label so you’ll remember which oils were used in that blend. And not only are the stickers top notch, but the containers are too! Amazing quality in each item.


9 tips to have lasting success and returning customers

1. Have a goal in mind. Ask yourself: What is the end result I want? My intention, for example, is to introduce the natural care that oils provide to all I encounter. I want to be out in my community sharing what I love, sharing something I truly believe can help everyone. I want each person to know about doTERRA essential oils as a natural solution for their home, health, and families.

2. Rent a table at an event. Find local farmers markets, craft fairs, and community events in your area and apply to be a vendor. Recurring events make promotion simple.

3. Tell people about your event. Social media is my BFF. I promote each event I host or attend with a simple flier or Facebook event page. I also keep small fliers in my purse to hand out as I’m out and about with the kids. Be sure you exchange contact information with anyone you talk to so you can follow up.

4. Gather your supplies. Make a checklist of things you need to be prepared: tables, tents, sufficient stock of merchandise, fliers and other marketing materials, a way to transact money, and so forth.

5. Contact and collect. Now you’re at the event and ready for success! Talk to whoever you can, and be sure to collect contact information so you can stay in touch. Most people I talk to are eager to learn more, so I make sure to send them my newsletter and to invite them to my classes I hold every Monday night. I likewise give them my contact info so they can stay in touch with me.

6. Follow up. With a simple text or email, follow up with your contacts within a few days to see how they liked their blends and if they have any questions. I then invite them to my free classes or to meet one-on-one.

7. Send emails weekly and monthly. I use MailChimp to send a weekly email about upcoming events and classes and a monthly newsletter announcing doTERRA offers and my own promos. The monthly newsletter goes out to anyone I have ever shared doTERRA with.

 8. Hold regular, ongoing events. Offer additional support and education for all who purchase your products; they want to keep learning! I teach a weekly class in the same place where I hold a weekly market. It’s usually free and always starts with an introduction to oils and how to use them. 

I use and love the Edge System and ShareOils tear pads for my classes. ShareOils tear pads contain lots of information on that week’s topic, with recipes and oil ideas and usage. The tear pads are the perfect reference your shoppers can take home to remind them of all we learned in class. 

 9. Take care of your team! Once people open a wholesale account with me or my team, they are my ohana. I make sure they have the education, support, and guidance they need, whether by me or by someone in their area. All have access to our private Facebook pages for community support. These group pages keep happy users up to date with promos, tips, recipes, and usage from both doTERRA and me personally. For my teaching team, these groups offer business education, support, and community. We have team calls, video classes, and chats—not to mention lots of love. 

Connect with me, Daniella

Questions about using essential oils? Interested in a career doing something you love? Contact me, Daniella Brause. I will greet you with aloha, naturally.

Let Your Light Shine, Naturally! 

Daniella Brause • • 808-631-6545

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