Are dryer sheets bad for my health? A dryer ball FAQ.


What are dryer balls?
An eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets. ShareOils dryer balls are handmade in Oregon from 100% Pennsylvania wool. They are made from a natural, renewable resource. Our dryer balls are made to exacting specifications. 
How do I use them?
Add 3-6 balls to the dryer with your wet clothing. Dry as usual. The balls will bounce around and break up the clothing allowing for my air to circulate and clothes to be naturally softer.
Do they get rid of static?
Most users find that they do. Sometimes especially wet loads, or loads containing synthetic fabrics can have static. Try adding a ball of tinfoil in the dryer along with the load of clothing to reduce static. 
How long do they last?
Your dryer balls should last years. They do not wear out or lose effectiveness.
How do I add scent to my laundry?
Your can add a few drops of essential oil to the balls before adding to the dryer. Some oils impart more fragrance than others. Lemongrass seems to add a nice aroma. Lavender is subtle but is lovely for bedding. With time you will adjust to the smell of very lightly scented or unscented laundry.
Please note that if you are using inferior essential oils or synthetic fragrance oils masquerading as essential oils, you are not any better off than you were using dryer sheets (see below).
Why use these? What’s wrong with dryer sheets?
Adding dryer balls speeds drying time, saving energy, thereby saving money.
Many dryer sheets contain fragrances and other undesirable additives that can cause mild to serious affects on your well-being.
From Natural News, by Mike Adams
A person who uses dryer sheets or laundry detergent with fragrance is actually coating their clothing in a layer of chemicals that will be easily transferred to their skin the next time they put on those cloths and start to perspire. The wetter your body becomes, the more easily the chemicals can move from clothing into your skin. And since many of these chemical compounds are by themselves solvents, they are rather good at moving through cellular membranes and entering tissues of the body, including nervous system tissues. This is why intelligent consumers who wish to protect their health avoid brand name dryer sheets, laundry detergents, and even perfumes and colognes that are all made with toxic fragrance chemicals that can cause cancer, liver disorders, Alzheimer's disease and many other chronic diseases.

Where can I purchase dryer balls?
Dryer balls are getting more popular, hurrah! You can purchase awesome dryer ball from us, right here. ShareOils dryer balls are handmade in Oregon from 100% Pennsylvania wool. They are made from a natural, renewable resource. Our dryer balls are made to exacting specifications.